Powell for Senate?
GOP: Powell vs Hillary in '06?
Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff
New York State Republicans are urging Secretary of State Colin Powell to challenge Sen. Hillary Clinton when she runs for reelection in 2006 - and a State Department spokesman declined on Tuesday to rule out that possibility.

"It's a question after he leaves maybe he can answer," the Powell spokesman told the New York Post.
Powell for Senate?
Colin Powell for Senate is now the question. Will it be Powell vs Hilllary in the 2006 Senate race in New York? This is sure to be a hot topic for all political pundits.
Rep. Vito Fosella, R-NY, urged Powell to make the run just one day after the top Bush official announced he was resigning.

"His roots and heart have always been in New York," Fossella told the New York Daily News. Powell was born in New York City and attended City College.

"I think he'd make a great representative and I urge him strongly to consider running," Fossella added.
Newly appointed New York State GOP chairman Stephen Minarik agreed, telling the Post, "I think he would be an exciting choice . . . and I think he would have star quality."

Powell told the News that he though the idea of Powell challenging Hillary had "great potential," and said he planned to speak to the Secretary of State directly about making the run.

The latest Gallup poll shows that Sen. Clinton is the runaway favorite for her party's presidential nomination in 2008, garnering 25 percent support to John Kerry's 15 percent.

But if Powell were to topple Hillary in New York, experts say much of the momentum behind the "Hillary for President" bandwagon would be dissipated.

Powell for Senate?
Yes, he should run. I would support him. He is a man of integrity and knowledge. He would defeat Hillary.
No, he is not qualitied, he only knows foriegn affairs. Hillary will win.
Do not know enough of where he stands on the issues.
I like him but would still be for Hillary Clinton.
I would only support Powell to defeat Hillary Clinton.

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